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TRC Young Ringers join the Guild Young Ringers in Exeter

TRC Young ringers joined the Guild Young ringers in Exeter. They had their first opportunity to meet with the Cathedral School young ringers and try their hand at the Denmish ring.

Sheila Scofield

Mandy Learns the Ropes

Mandy Burnett achieved level 4 on the Learning the Ropes Scheme in May. Mandy started ringing in August 2014 at Bampton. She rings regularly at Bampton, Huntsham, St Peter's, Tiverton and around the NE Branch and also helps Sheila & Les with the After School Bell Club at Bampton. When work takes her to Leeds she rings around the location with friends which has added to her progress. To achieve the final target for level 4 she rang Plain Bob Doubles on an inside bell.

Sheila Scofield

Replacing the Bampton Clapper

I have prepared a photo essay showing the Replacement of Tenor Clapper at Bampton, that can be downloaded in PDF format HERE.

Jack Ward

Man and Boy

Congratulations to Mike Hatchett on 65 years of Peal ringing his first peal being at Horton Berkshire on the 26th August 1952. Mike rang his 1000th peal in June 2008, and by my guesstimate Mike must have rung around to 1270 peals to date.

Ken Smith

500 Peals at Huntsham

Congratulations to all the peal ringers at Huntsham.  On 17th May 2018 the 500th peal was rung on bells at Huntsham. The 500th peal band are detailed below:

Guild of Devonshire Ringers
Thursday, 17 May 2018 in 2hr:44min
5040 Surprise Minor (7 Methods)
One extent each :- London, Ipswich, York, Durham, Beverley, Surfleet, Cambridge

1 Mervyn C Way
2 Jane C Spencer
3 Lynne P Hughes
4 Richard H Johnston
5 Michael R Spencer
6 Donald B Carter (C)

25th this year - 6
75th together - 5 & 6
The 500th peal on the bells
Rung as a 70th birthday compliment to Richard Johnston

Ken Smith

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