Troyte Ringing Centre
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Regular Ringing

Bampton   Practice night: Thursday 7:30pm
Service Ringing:  Sunday 10.15am (except 2nd & 5th) and 5.55pm (1st and 4th)
6 bells, tenor 14 cwt with practice bell and simulator

Huntsham Practice night: Monday 7:30pm
Service Ringing: Sunday 9:00am (2nd only)
8 bells, tenor 8 cwt

Huntsham Quarter Peals: First Wednesday Evening each Month (see dates below)
Huntsham Peal Ringing: Thursday Mornings
Huntsham Monthly GDR Branch Practice: Wednesday Evenings (see Branch Events)

For a detailed weekly programme of ringing at Huntsham for all weddings, visiting ringers, peals, quarter peals and practices see the notice posted in the village bus shelter.

Extended Practices and Events

We hope to resume Extended Practices in early 2022.



Donate to our fund raising efforts and it will not cost you a penny :  

Quarter Peals

Quarter Peals are an excellent way of getting extended practice for a particular method or several methods. We can arrange for an experienced band to ring with you to help you achieve your ringing targets. Quarter peals normally are rung at Huntsham on the first Wednesday evening of each month.

Proposed dates for 2021 are not currently arranged.

If you would like us to organise a quarter peal for you, additional dates/venues can also be arranged,
please contact Sheila Scofield . . .
Tel. 01884 256819.


Like quarter peals, a peal attempt is a good way to get practice. The Troyte Ringing Centre organises regular peals, usually Thursday mornings, and anyone interested in ringing in one should contact Mike Hatchett . . .
Tel. 01398 331843.

Call Change Ringers Workshops

Please contact Pat Hatchett to discuss your requirements and arrangements for meeting these.
Tel. 01398 331843

Learning Packages

We have prepared free learning packages to take you from Plain Hunting onwards. Just Click Here to see what you can download.

Developing Your Ringing Skills

In 2020 the North East Branch will be holding monthly “Focused 6-bell Practices” (see the Guild website for precise dates and times), aimed at ringers wanting to move beyond Bob Doubles. For those that wish to take part there is a “Blue Pathway” published by the Ringing World. It is not compulsory to sign up for this list of suggested methods, but it will be used to provide the “focus” for these practices. If you are interested in following the pathway, please contact Les Boyce (e-mail: Tel: 01884 256819).Branch Practice Towers are open to Branch members. They have a local band or regular attendees capable of supporting a ringer who is developing skills in the method listed above. They are attended by learners/developers & experienced ringers. Contact with the Captain beforehand is advisable so that your needs can be addressed. Contact details are in the Guild annual report, Guild website & TRC website.

• Monday. Huntsham 7.30-9pm

• Tuesday. Tiverton St Peter, 7.30-9pm

• Thursday. Bampton 7.30-9pm

• Friday. Tiverton St Paul, 7.30-9pm

We also have a number of experienced ringers who have offered to support developing ringers through discussion, email, phonecalls, suggestions of practices to attend, preparation before a practice etc. If you would like some further help in this please contact the Education Officer for a list of Support Ringers.

Beyond Plain Bob Doubles - Many of the methods being rung at the Focused 6-bell practices are shown on these handouts:

Click on the links below to download a PDF file.

1. Plain Bob above the Treble
2. Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place
3. Shipway Place
4. Minor Methods Beyond Plain Bob

See Method Database for further Doubles methods.

Services We Can Offer


After School Bell Club, Young ringers and Vulnerable adults:
Contact: Shelia Scofield 01884 256819 e-mail:

Adults and first enquiries:
Contact: Michael Hatchett 01398 331843 e-mail:


Ringing at Bampton:
Contact: Pat or Michael Hatchett 01398 331843 e-mail:

Ringing at Huntsham:
Contact: Pat or Michael Hatchett 01398 331843 e-mail:

Bell and Equipment Maintenance:
Contact: Mandy Burnett e-mail:
Or Richard Barker e-mail:


Ringing for weddings and other local celebrations:
Contact: Pat Hatchett 01398 331843 e-mail:
Or Mandy Burnett e-mail:

Visits to towers and talks on bell ringing to the general public:
Contact: Michael Hatchett 01398 331843 e-mail:


Contact: Jenny Jones 01884 253668 e-mail:

Help for Towers & Groups


Events can be arranged for tower bands or groups of ringers with the same needs e.g. raising or lowering in peal or starting to plain hunt. These can be arranged to take place either:

A key requirement is that the individual ringers in towers or groups can commit to attending the sessions which are arranged. Help from others can be arranged where a tower is short of experienced ringers. Courses can be run in the daytime or evening, weekdays or weekends, subject to the availability of tutors, the Centre bells and helping ringers.

Please contact Les Boyce to discuss your requirements and arrangements for meeting these.
Tel: 01884 256819.

All ringers are invited to make contact for any of the events above or for general ringing information, to book the Bampton practice bell for individual sessions or to bring a band to Huntsham for open ringing.
You can contact us HERE.

Visit the Local Branch website for more local ringing events - Click HERE.

Display Boards: A set of twelve display boards which are available for use by any tower holding an open day or giving a talk on bell ringing to the general public. These display boards are contained within carry bags and are easy to transport within a medium size car and can be erected and dismantled by one able bodied person using reasonable care. For more details CLICK HERE.

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