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Troyte Ringing Centre 2001-2018
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History of the Troyte Family at Huntsham

Policies & Reports

TRC Constitution
Bampton Ringing Policy
Huntsham Ringing Policy
TRC Agreement with Bampton PCC
TRC Agreement with Huntsham PCC
Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines
Risk Assessment Policy Statement
Risk Assessment for Bellringing
Coronavirus Risk Assessment for Bampton Tower
Coronavirus Risk Assessment for Huntsham Tower
Health and Safety Policy
2018 CCCBR Ringing Centre Report
2018 Annual Report to Charity Commission
2019 Annual Report to Charity Commission
2020 Annual Report to Charity Commission
Data Protection Policy

Methods Diagrams

Plain Bob above the Treble
Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place
Shipway Place
Minor Methods Beyond Plain Bob

Website Archive

You can view old Troyte Ringing Centre websites, the dates listed below are major website changes, just before they were modified (at the end of their life).  Because these are archived files some of the external links are out-of-date.

You can search the current and archived websites - CLICK HERE.

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