Troyte Ringing Centre

What we do

The Troyte Ringing Centre exists to provide and allow extended bell ringing at the sound controlled tower at Huntsham.

To provide facilities for novice ringers to learn bell handling skills via the Abel simulator and within experienced groups at Bampton and Huntsham.

To allow experience ringers to extend their skills with practice and support. See our EVENTS.

We were granted Ringing Centre status in 2002 and we are recognised, as such, by the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. For a more detailed history Click Here.

For a full list of the Ringing Centre's facilities Click Here.

Who we are

Management of the Ringing Centre:

The Centre is run by a small team of experienced ringers who seek to provide practice and training opportunities for ringers from the surrounding areas of Devon and Somerset. The work of running the Centre is divided between them as follows:

Tutor Team:

Les Boyce

Centre Manager and Tutor

Sheila Scofield

Deputy Centre Manager,
Quarter Peal Organiser and Tutor

Mike Hatchett

Peals Co-ordinator

Management committee:

The administration of the Centre is carried out by members of the Management Committee which comprises the following people:

The Tutor Team
Rev. Lynne Burgon
Penny Pulver
Huntsham Troyte Bell Fund (ex-officio)
Jack Ward

Bampton Bell Fund Treasurer (ex-officio)
Pat Hatchett

Bookings Secretary (ex-officio)

The Tutor Team also work to develop links with the Education Officers of the neighbouring North East, Dunster and Taunton Branches of the Devon Guild and Bath & Wells Association of ringers.

To view our donations policy and our financial arrangements Click Here.

Where we are

The Troyte Ringing Centre is located in picturesque rural Devon, near the Somerset border, the towers of Bampton and Huntsham are linked together to form the Ringing Centre.

Huntsham is the main Ringing Centre and is used for six and eight bell ringing, and has a sound management system which is intended to allow the bells to be rung for extended periods.

Bampton is equipped with video, audio, CCTV and an ABEL linked practice bell. Bampton is used for basic bell handling training, to develop individual ringing skills and to develop six bell ringing.

To view a location map, get travel directions and find other towers in the area - Click Here.

When can you ring

Bampton Practice night: Thursday 7:30pm
Service Ringing: Sunday 10.15am (except 5th) and 5.55pm (except 2nd and 5th)
Confirm Service Ringing Tel. 01398 331843

Huntsham Practice night: Monday 7:30pm
Service Ringing: Sunday 2.30pm (3rd only)
Confirm Service Ringing Tel. 01398 331843

To contact us and/or to make booking to reserve the bells at any other time - Click Here.

Ringing: CLICK HERE to see the ringing activity at Bampton and Huntsham.

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