Troyte Ringing Centre



The Troyte Ringing Centre is based upon the towers of Bampton and Huntsham in Devon. Each tower has its own financial procedures and bank accounts which are restricted funds held by each Parochial Church Council. These funds are subjected to independent examination and are reported within each PCC’s Annual Report.

The Treasurers for each Fund are as follows:

The Troyte Ringing Centre – Huntsham tower
The Huntsham Troyte Bell Fund
Treasurer: Mrs. P. Pulver

The Troye Ringing Centre – Bampton tower
Bampton Bellringers Fund
Treasurer: Mr. J. Ward

Financial decisions regarding each of these funds are made by the volunteer bellringers approved by the appropriate Parochial Church Council who operate as sub-committees of each PCC.


Ringing for weddings at either Bampton or Huntsham is subject to the payment of fees agreed between the ringers and the incumbent. It is the custom at both towers to ring both before and after the marriage service and the agreed fees are as follows:

Bampton        £80.00 that is £20.00 to the Bampton Bell Fund and £10.00 to each ringer

Huntsham    £100.00 that is £20.00 to Huntsham Bell Fund and £10.00 to each ringer

All other income to each tower takes the form of donations but there are significant differences in the nature of the ringing at each tower which generates these donations. At Bampton the principal sources of ringing which generate donations are: “celebration rings” which are undertaken at the request of members of the community, and fund raising activities such as parachuting teddy bears from the top of the church tower. These activities are not simply fund raising but are designed to raise the profile of ringing in the eyes of the local community.

At Huntsham peal ringing is the principal source of donations. In 2004 we reactivated the Huntsham Society of Change Ringers, a Society created by Charles Troyte in the mid 19th century, whose members rang a number of peals at Huntsham. The intention was to ring peals in the 21st century for the Huntsham Society and to use the income generated for the benefit of the local community. However, although we attracted a number of members the Huntsham Society has, so far, never been credited with a peal since the bells were re-modelled and re-hung.

In addition we have a number of generous people who make personal donations to each bell fund. Both towers will always most gratefully accept donations whether Gift Aided or not. However Gift Aided donations are particularly welcome. A suitable Gift Aid declaration form is given below, which can be downloaded and used if you wish to make a Gift Aided donation to either tower.


The ringers at both Bampton and Huntsham gave an undertaking to their relevant PCC that they would not ask either PCC for money to maintain the bells. Therefore the funds necessary to maintain the bells in each tower have been raised by the local ringers. The following activities within each tower have been funded by local ringers:

2001-2002    The funds required in addition to the Awards for All grant to install the practice bell.
2009            The funds required to re-bush the clappers and to replace the main bearings of all six bells.
2010            The funds required to replace all pulley blocks to all six bells.

2002-2004    The funds required to re-model and re-hang all eight bells in a new steel frame.
2008-2009    The funds required to design and produce a set of ten display boards.
2010–2011    The funds required to hang the demonstration bell in a new frame and stand.

In addition donations are made each year to local churches, to the Devon Bell Restoration Fund and to charities recommended by the Hukeley Mission Community to which both towers belong.

At the end of 2012 Bampton bellringers created a capital growth fund within which donations can be deposited and income re-invested so that future major works, such as re-hanging the bells, can be funded hopefully without the need for big fund raising programmes.