Annual Reports

Report 2010:

The principal activity during the whole of the last five year period has been peal ringing. During 2010 the 250th. peal was rung in the tower, only the older bells achieved this milestone, the two bells cast in 2004 have a few more peals to ring before they reach the same milestone. During 2010 there were 55 peal attempts at Huntsham of which 38 were successful. Many of these peals were in new methods, some of which were quite difficult and as a consequence there have been more than the usual number of peals lost during the year.

Our second most popular activity during the year has been the Branch training and consolidation programme. We ran one full day event and six half day consolidation sessions during the year. All of these were fully, if not over, subscribed. We have been fortunate to obtain all the helpers needed to run these events from within our Branch membership, although to achieve this we have had to reduce the length of most of the events from one day to half day sessions.

Income in Summary:

Peals and Peal Attempts 1 ,453.00
Branch practices and meetings 92.00
Quarter peals 70.00
Training and consolidation events 271.00
Refreshments 244.00
Visiting ringers 120.00
Merchandise 121.50
Donations 241.40
TOTAL 2,612.90

Income for 2010 is less than in 2009 and 2008. Income from peals holds steady at present, but the income from training is less, and now that the interest of ringing on the newly re-modelled and re-hung bells has subsided income from visitors has reduced.

Allocation of Income:

We have already paid 500 to Richard Newman towards building a frame for our demonstration bell so kindly given to us by Peter Walter of Burlescombe and we have paid half of the costs associated with the Branch stand at the Mid Devon Show. We have also committed 1,400 towards new bell ropes, so we will be allocating funds this year as follows:

Huntsham Church Fabric Fund 600.00
Farm Crisis Network for work in Devon 500.00
Devon Bell Restoration Fund 200.00
North East Branch 200.00
Help for Heroes 90.00
TOTAL 1,590.00

The distribution to Help for Heroes represents half the funds raised for refreshments during the Guild eight bell striking competition.

Thoughts for 2011:

We really need one big event each year to bring our income above average, the Help for Heroes day was a great success. There is little we can do to encourage visitors and without visitors we can sell little in the way of merchandise. The only real area in which we could increase activity is in quarter peals, with eight quarter peals in 2010 all rung by visiting bands, we might consider a Branch quarter peal programme for 2011. It is clear that the North East Branch could not sustain a level of, or interest in, greater than, perhaps, one attempt per month. Therefore we are pleased that our peal income remains above 1,000 per year and in most years produces more than half our annual income.

Mike Hatchett - January 2011


Report 2009:

We took delivery of our second set of display boards during 2009 and the whole set of ten boards has been much in use throughout the year. We have been given a 60lb. bell by Peter Walter of Burlescombe and we are having this hung in a frame and provided with a stand so that we can use it as a demonstration bell at publicity and public awareness events. We have been successful in obtaining funds and grants for the frame and stand and although the cost will exceed 500, we have so far raised 600 from external sources.

Our training programme for 2009 suffered a little from a lack of willing helpers, and we are modifying our programme for 2010 to morning only training sessions as this seems to suit our helpers more. Huntsham was just as popular with visiting ringers and we rang about 40 peals and a few quarters during the year. Very few of our Branch members want to ring quarter peals or peals so it is visiting ringers who provide most of the funds. Income during the year was 2,973.50 and this was distributed as follows:

Allocation of Income:

It is our intention to distribute this income as follows:

Huntsham PCC - for Heating and Fabric 500.00
The Devon Bell Restoration Fund 250.00
Funds remaining with TRC 973.50
N.E. Branch 250.00
Farm Crisis Network 500.00
First Payment for Demo Bell Frame 500.00
TOTAL 2,973.50

Since 2004 we have donated just over 2,000 to the Devon Bell Restoration Fund, it is a key objective of ours to help with the restoration of bells and frames in Devon and we shall continue with these donations as long as we have surplus income to distribute.

We have almost worn out our first set of bell ropes (new in 2004) and a replacement set has been ordered with a 14 months delivery period. The highlights of the year may be summarised as follows: the Bampton Practice Bell is in use at least three times each week. We rang the Delight Major alphabet to peals at Huntsham and these included a number of methods rung to peals for the first time. We provided bespoke training sessions during the year for ringers from Abbotskerswell, Cruwys Morchard, Uffciilme and Wedmore. We thank most sincerely all those who have helped with training sessions and Monday evening practices at Huntsham. Without help there would be no Ringing Centre. We held a Celebration Dinner to mark the first five years of the Troyte Ringing Centre in December. We used this occasion to say thank-you to all those who have helped with the work of the Centre and to plan out what we should do during 2010.

Mike Hatchett - February 2010

Report 2008:

Bampton is a Branch Practice Tower and we welcome to our Thursday practices all Branch members wishing to progress their six bell ringing. With our Sunday service band we now ring a selection of Plain Doubles methods. Plain Bob and St. Clements Minor and sometimes Kent Treble Bob.

Huntsham is also a Branch Practice Tower and at present we are concentrating on Plain Bob Doubles and Triples. We rely on helpers from other Branch towers to make our Monday evening practices viable and we thank all those who have assisted us throughout the year. We also thank Les Boyce who has taken on the task of coordinating these helpers.

The Troyte Ringing Centre has had an excellent year. Our total income for the year was 3,304.20, the most yet.

Peals and Peal Attempts 1,464.00
Practices and Visiting Bands 297.50
Training Events 456.00
Refreshments 86.50
Donations 1,000.20
TOTAL 3,304.20

During 2008 we started a recruitment drive and a campaign to raise public awareness regarding tower bell ringing, and with these in mind we have been producing, with professional assistance, display boards which we can use at talks and presentations. Further display boards will be available during March 2009. A donation of 500 was received from the North East Branch towards the preparation of these display boards, which are available for use throughout the Branch.

We were pleased to be invited by the Bampton Fair organiser to ring peals at both Huntsham and Bampton on the last Thursday in October to celebrate the 750th. anniversary of Bampton Fair, which is the third oldest surviving Charter Fair in England. The morning peals at Huntsham and Bampton were successful and were well received. The afternoon peal at Bampton came to grief after nearly one hour's ringing!


Allocation of Income:

It is our intention to distribute this income as follows:

Huntsham Parochial Church Council 500.00
The Devon Bell Restoration Fund 300.00
Funds remaining with TRC 1,754.20
N.E. Branch 250.00
Farm Crisis Network 500.00
TOTAL 3,304.20

Taken from the Guild of Devon Ringers 2008 Annual Report


Report 2007:

The Troyte Ringing Centre is now an integral part of the Hukeley Mission Community which encompasses the parishes of Bampton, Clayhanger, Huntsham, Morebath and Petton. We agreed that we would support a local charity recommended by the Mission for a period of five years. The Farm Crisis Network is their chosen charity. The funds remaining with the Troyte Ringing Centre will be used, together with other funds retained from previous years to produce display boards for the Branch.

Peals and Peal Attempts 1,773.00
Quarter Peals 123.00
Practices and Visiting Bands 134.00
Training Events 351.00
Refreshments and Donations 594.65
TOTAL 2,975.65

There were 59 peal attempts during the year thus each attempt realised 30.00. The donations included the Founders' Prize of 500.


Allocation of Income:

It is our intention to distribute this income as follows:

Huntsham Parochial Church Council 500.00
The Devon Bell Restoration Fund 400.00
Funds remaining with TRC 1,275.65
N.E. Branch 300.00
Farm Crisis Network 500.00
TOTAL 2,975.65

Mike Hatchett - January 2008


Report 2006:

The Troyte Ringing Centre, based at Bampton (6 bells) and at Huntsham (8 bells) is the designated Ringing Centre for the North East Branch of the Guild of Devonshire Ringers and seeks to provide such training courses and ringing opportunities as are considered necessary by the Branch Officers. The Troyte Ringing Centre is also an integral part of the Mission Community based on Bampton and the surrounding parishes. The aim of the Centre within this Mission Community is to increase the number of bellringers and to improve the quality of ringing within the Deaneries of Tiverton and Cullompton. During 2006 we have been training and developing bell handling skills for ringers from Uplowman, Sampford Peverell, St. Peter's Tiverton, Silverton, Huntsham and Bampton. We have also held one-day courses on Plain Hunting, Plain Bob Doubles, Plain Bob Minor and Conducting Plain Bob Minor. We have also encouraged ringers to come and ring at Huntsham and as a consequence there have been 45 peal attempts during the year, of which 32 have been successful, there have been seven quarter peal attempts and we have entertained 23 visiting bands of ringers. All this ringing and training activity has generated income and again this year our income is in excess of 2,000 and may be summarised as follows:

Peals and Peal Attempts 1,233.00
Quarter Peals 63.60
Visiting Bands 209.00
Practice & Training 494.00
Donations 115.60
TOTAL 2,115.20


Allocation of Income:

It is our intention to distribute this income as follows:

Huntsham Parochial Church Council 500.00
The Devon Bell Restoration Fund 400.00
The Troyte Ringing Centre 415.20
N.E. Branch 300.00
The Troyte Community Hall 250.00
Christian Housing Action Trust 250.00
TOTAL 2,115.20

Also during the year the Bampton bell clappers were re-bushed and the main bearings replaced. The cost of this work, which was in excess of 2,000, was paid for by the Bampton bellringers and an anonymous donor.

Please remember the Troyte Ringing Centre is YOUR Ringing Centre. We aim to provide any ringing opportunities which are not already available within your home tower. Please let us know (Tel: 01398 331843 or e-mail to if you think there are any ringing opportunities which should be provided for you and your ringing colleagues within the North East Branch.

Mike Hatchett - December 2006


Report 2005:

The Huntsham bells were ready for ringing on 1st December 2004. Therefore the financial years starts 1st December 2004 and ends 31st December 2005; and thus contains thirteen months.

Peals and Peal Attempts 1,356.10
Quarter Peals 277.45
Visiting Bands 499.70
Practice & Training 310.40
Donations 28.00
TOTAL 2,471.65
There has been none this year. 0.00


Allocation of Surplus Income:

It was agreed in principle at at the beginning of 2005 that surplus income would be divided between the following organisations at the end of the financial year.

Huntsham Parochial Church Council
The Devon Bell Restoration Fund
The Troyte Ringing Centre
N.E. Branch
A local charity supported by Huntham PCC and the Branch

Huntsham Parochial Church Council 500.00
The Devon Bell Restoration Fund 500.00
The Troyte Ringing Centre 500.00
N.E. Branch 471.65
Bampton C of E Primary School (Re-building Fund) 500.00
TOTAL 2,471.65

These allocations are subject to the following conditions:

The NE Branch will reimburse the expenses of helpers at the Troyte Ringing Centre during 2006 from their allocation.

Bampton Primary School will be asked to have a permanent display in the school promoting bell ringing and new recruits.


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