Learning to Ring


If your looking at this page then you probably would like to find out about starting to ring bells. Below are some useful links if you want to read up about bellringing, and get some background information.

Slow Motion

Ringing "Rounds"

  Learning to Ring FAQ
  The Central Council of Church Bellringers
  General Guide
  Bell Ringing Basics
  Change Ringing? What's That?
  Discover Bell Ringing
  A More Detailed Guide
  Change–Ringing — an introduction
  The Guild of Devonshire Ringers
  Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Resource Centre
  Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers
  Bampton Village Website   ( Bellringers )
  The Ringing World Online

Up The Spiral Staircase - a film from BellRinging.org


A clip from the BBC's
"Come Bell Ringing with Charles Hazelwood"

Showing a brief history of Ringing

The NE Branch has training facilities which can teach the first time novice bell handling skills to more advance methods. Listed are the service we can provide.

A list of ringing towers in the NE Branch can be found HERE that shows contact details and practice / ringing times.

If you would like more specific information about this area then email us - HERE

OR telephone Matthew Webb on 01884 38759 or (Mobile 07580203271) or email Matthew.

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