Huntsham Tower & Bells Project: TASK LIST

1 Faculty obtained (21 April 2004)
2 Prepare bells for lifting out of tower
3 Remove tie rods and prepare frame for de-construction
4 Lift bells and part of the frame out of tower, lift up joists, beams, and lead
5 Prepare templates for sound control panels
6 Remove clock to a place of safety
7 Cut access panel through ceilings so that bell frame can be removed
8 Remove remaining bell frame
9 Measure up for the new bell frame
10 Remove existing timber roof
11 Install new timber roof
12 Install lifting and shifting beams
13 Lay lead work to roof
14 Extend and finish access panel through floors of new bell and clock chambers
15 Lay new boarding to bell and clock chamber floors
16 Install new ringing gallery floor with access panel and balustrade
17 Install guards to west window
18 Construct new bell frame at Whitechapel
19 Make and install sound control panels
20 Cast two new bells
21 Cut and form padstones for new bell frame
22 Install new bell frame
23 Install electricity to tower with emergency lighting
24 Make good holes around frame members
25 Bless new bells before they are hung
26 Hang bells
27 Fit controls to sound panels
28 Make good walls to ringing gallery and decorate
29 Restore and re-fix peal boards and other plaques
30 Clear out and clean all chambers in the tower
31 Install clock with auto-wind facility
32 Re-dedication by the Bishop (10th January 2005)


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