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(Established by Charles Troyte in 1867)

In 1866 Charles Troyte installed a ring of six bells in All Saints church, Huntsham. On these bells and for this Society was rung, on 15th September 1870, an extent of Grandsire Minor and on 16th December 1871 an extent of Kent Treble Bob Minor. In 1874 the six bells were augmented to eight and on 2nd February 1875 eight members of the Society rang the first true and complete peal of Grandsire Triples by "natives of Devonshire".

Huntsham Church

Huntsham bells and tower were in need of a complete restoration. We needed to replace the tower roof, install electricity into the clock chamber, the bell chamber and the stairs and introduce a sound management system. The rotted wooden frame was to be replaced by a steel frame, and we wanted to re-model the ring of eight by selling the existing tenor and 5th bell to the Whitechapel Foundry for re-use and having a new treble and 5th bell cast to give a ring of eight with a tenor of approximately 9 cwt. The re-modelled ring includes the 1633 Pennington bell, the last of the three bells which were in the tower before Troyte augmented them to six in 1866.

We therefore reformed the Huntsham Society of Change Ringers as part of our original fund raising campaign for the restoration. You can still join the society, life membership of the Society will be obtained following a single payment of 15.00 and a numbered membership certificate will be provided on receipt of each payment. Because of the sound management system the bells are available for general ringing, quarter peals and peals now the restoration work is complete.

Membership of the Huntsham Society of Change Ringers will entitle members to the following benefits:

Members of the Huntsham Society of Change Ringers will normally be given priority, regarding their applications for the above, according to their membership certificate numbers; lowest certificate numbers will therefore be given highest priority to those events where there is likely to be a restriction on the numbers attending.

Non-members of the Society will also be very welcome to ring at Huntsham but will be required to pay 2.00 per rope for quarter peals or general ringing not exceeding one hour, and 5.00 per rope for peals.

A register of members of the Huntsham Society of Change Ringers will be available in Huntsham church and it will be the responsibility of conductors or visit organisers to ensure that the correct rope fees are paid.

Applications for membership together with a cheque for 15.00 made payable to Huntsham Tower and Bell Fund and accompanied by a Gift Aid Declaration, as appropriate, or an address for correspondence, to be sent to:

Michael Hatchett
Five Oaks
Devon EX16 9LE

Telephone: 01398 331843

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