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On 21 April 2004 a Faculty was issued in the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Exeter authorising the following works to be completed within a period of 12 months:

    1. Relocate clock mechanism in the old ringing chamber
    2. Replace the existing lead flat roof of the tower
    3. Sell two bells and cast two replacement bells; tune the five 19th Century bells and leave the 17th Century bell uncut; the existing seventh bell to become the new tenor
    4. Re-hang all eight bells in a new two tier metal frame located a little lower in the tower than the present one
    5. Install a sound management system
    6. Install hatches in the lower floors to enable the hoisting of the bells for re-hanging
    7. Install electric power and lighting in the tower
    8. Replace the existing ringing gallery floor

Work was started in April 2004, clearing out the bell chamber. .......

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Drawing of the new bell frame in situ - click to enlarge

Orders were placed with:


Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Bell works


J.B. Joyce & Co.

Clock works


Sound Solutions

Sound control system


MRJ Electrical

Electrical works

All other work, with the exception of the roof-lead plumbing was undertaken by volunteers.

The bells were first rung on December 1st 2004, and then dedicated on January 10th 2005.

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Cutting from the local paper - click to enlarge


We have passed the 50,000 mark with our fund raising. If you would like to contribute to this restoration project then please contact us here.


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