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Little is known about the early history of Bampton bells. T.J. Francis in his Religious history of the Parish of Bampton, Devon 2001 at page 17 states "...In 1553 there were four bells in the tower ... in 1729 the second bell was re-cast and 121 lbs. of metal added, making two bells from the one. The cost was £15. 15. 0d for the metal and re-casting and £2. 10. 0d for carriage...". So Bampton church then possessed five bells from 1729 until 1800.

In 1800 these five bells were re-cast into a ring of six by Thomas Bilbie of Cullomopton, assisted by Francis Hill of Bradninch. The cost of re-casting and re-hanging in a new timber frame was £123. 12. 6d.

Thus there are now six bells (excluding the Practice Bell) in the tower at Bampton. The details are as follows:

"When I call follow all"
T. Bilbie Fecit 1800
Diameter 30.5 inches Weight 6.25 cwt.

Thomas Bilbie Cullompton Fecit 1800
Revd. B. Davey Vicar
Diameter 31 inches Weight 6.5 cwt.

Mr Thomase Surridge & Mr William Branscombe
Church Wardens
T. Bilbie Cullompton Fecit 1800
Diameter 33 inches Weight 7.5 cwt

T. Bilbie Fecit
"God preserve the Church and King"
Mr. T. Surridge & Mr. W. Branscombe
Ch: Wardens 1800 Revd. B. Davey Vicar
Diameter 34.5 inches Weight 8.25 cwt.

Mr. Thomas Surridge & Mr. William Branscombe Ch. W
Revd. B. Davey Vicar T. Bilbie Fecit 1800
Diameter 38 inches Weight 10 cwt.

"I to the Church the living call and to the grave do summon all"
Thomas Bilbie Cullompton Fecit 1800
Diameter 43.5 inches Weight 15.5 cwt (in F.)


All the above weights are approximate.

In 1962 these bells were re-tuned and re-hung on ball bearings in a new metal frame by Taylors of Loughborough.

Thus these six bells were all cast by Thomas Bilbie at Cullompton in 1800. It is unusual to have all bells cast locally by the same founder.



In the church of St. Andrew, Chew Stoke in Somerset, there is a memorial plaque to the Bilbie family of bell founders and clockmakers. The plaque records the following information. There is also a display of an early Bilbie bell and clock in the church.

Edward Bilbie I 1666 - 1724
Edward Bilbie II 1694 - 1726
Thomas Bilbie 1702 - 1778
Edward Bilbie III 1716 - 1786
Abraham Bilbie 1729 - 1773
William Bilbie 1730 - 1789
John Bilbie of Axbridge 1736 - 1767
Edward Bilbie IV 1766 - 1796
Thomas Webb Bilbie 1768 - 1829
James Fear Bilbie 1768 - 1820
Thomas Bilbie II of Cullompton 1727 - 1780
Thomas Castleman Bilbie of
Cullompton 1769 - 1813

Therefore it appears that the founder of our bells was likely to have been Thomas Castleman Bilbie and that he was 31 years of age at the time he cast our bells.


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